•     Is a Cloud-based software platform, supported by an easy-to-use Android application with a special Portal for administration and department heads.
  •     Ensures the monitoring of all tasks, measurements and  recordings required for the daily operation and   monitoring of HACCP in real time.
  •     Effective tool for control, quality assurance and process improvement.


DIGIHACCP has been designed using the latest software technologies and in such a way that the platform as well as each installation can be constantly evolving, collaborating with the rest of the business systems of the company. It is installed in Microsoft Azure providing complete security, functionality, and availability, but also offering the best value for money (SaaS).

It covers complex requirements and multi-level businesses, controlling the five areas of interest in the company’s daily business cycle and all workflows and procedures that must be applied to each of them and in combination with all others.

  • APPLIANCES (Online temperature recording, humidity, location etc.)
  • HUMAN RESOURCES (examinations, certifications, trainings, shifts, etc.)
  • FOOD (expiration, quantities, handling, ingredients, etc.)