converts HACCP to a smoothly operating

business control and decision tool



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DIGIHACCP aims at the online mapping and controlling of all workflows
and parameters needed for the daily operation and monitoring of HACCP

Offers a centralized and live operating environment for the HACCP up keeping and monitoring.

Global monitoring through a dashboards tailored to the requirements of each business role

no location or infrastructure requirements – cloud tech

Reduces the need of qualified personnel, both at HQ and in the field.

Offers real time reporting and drill down functionality to investigate dysfunctions and οmissions.

Offers alerts when any workflow is broken

Adapts to required workflows in real time at all levels

Records/audits all actions and events.

DIGIHACCP is a State of the Art, Cloud platform on which a modern enterprise can design and execute all the HACCP processes digitally, saving resources, time and money but mainly controlling the real-time successful operation of the workflows

*Continuous monitoring of multiple activities
*Detailed record keeping
*Accessibility, log data and long term storage
*Monitoring/implementing legislative changes
*Staff training

Benefits of using DIGIHACCP
* Turn from actual to online reporting
* Online Monitoring of the procedures and the successful execution of daily tasks
* Notifications and alerts in any predefined situation or event
* Highlighting and addressing all weaknesses that have not yet been diagnosed
* Ensures a positive assessment by HACCP inspectors
* Upgrades business readiness and operational effectiveness
***Increases corporate value

what it finally does

It captures employee’s work and the status of online devices through
simplified actions and automation on a software platform
which in turn provides access to administration to control the
effectiveness with which the regulations required for food safety
are implemented.

Designed to control five areas of interest in the
company’s daily operational cycle and all the workflows and procedures which
need to be implemented in each of them and in combination with all others.

• DEVICES (ONLINE temperature recording, humidity, location etc.)

• PERSONNEL (Examinations, certifications, HR issues, trainings, shifts)
• FOOD (expiration, convenient, ingredients

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

converts HACCP from a tiresome chore into a valuable tool